Origin Seeds

by dallas campbell

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Mark Van Slyke
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Mark Van Slyke Cool stuff. Without getting too vaporwavey (for lack of a better term), what could easily be a full-on kitschy approach to 70s/80s technopop ends up being a driving, rocking and enchantingly original album that continually delights. Some minimal vocoder/vocals on one track but works well (I'm not normally into vocals AT ALL). And I love the electric guitar jams when it's blending with electronic music this way, as on The Cygnus Operation track. This album is a gateway drug. Favorite track: The Cygnus Operation.
Mr. Schaefer
Mr. Schaefer thumbnail
Mr. Schaefer Reminds me of Pink Floyd. I would highly recommend you purchase this album. Favorite track: Green Sea and the Spice.
Theo Swartz
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Theo Swartz Found Dallas' music by accident and immediately fell in love with it. This grand synthscape of an album feels reminiscent of both Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd's earlier work to me. It's incredibly satisfying to listen to the whole way through. Favorite track: Green Sea and the Spice.
kmxexii thumbnail
kmxexii This takes the complex, lovely soundscapes of the debut and underlies them with dance beats for a catchy and sometimes funky listening experience. "The Cygnus Operation" is an easy fave, a fast outrun track with an aura of tension and some wicked cool guitar work. I really dig those huge, sweeping chords. I also love the call and response between kindred stellar travelers in "Green Sea and the Spice". "Horizons II" feels more like anthemic funk; I appreciate the bass guitar and the space-y feel. Favorite track: The Cygnus Operation.
Lucy thumbnail
Lucy I'm so glad that I finally listened to this album because it's SO GOOD! I hear a lot of late 70s/early 80s in this album. I could totally picture this music being a big hit back then too. It's so hard to choose a favorite. Horizons II is definitely up there. It reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd. I'm going to pick Green Sea and the Spice though because I really enjoyed the vocals and it's a pretty groovy song to get you going for the day.

P.S. I really love the song titles! ;-) Favorite track: Green Sea and the Spice.
Toxic Razor
Toxic Razor thumbnail
Toxic Razor awesome sound here !!!
music with real hardware synths and not some fake VST instr. which may lack of originality and power... Favorite track: The Cygnus Operation.
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written and recorded by Dallas Campbell
vocals and samples by Jeri Ridgely and Ripley Campbell
lead guitar on Cygnus Operation by Droid Bishop droidbishop.bandcamp.com
end fx on Hybrid by Anthony Severini
mastered by David Klug studio: www.facebook.com/davidklugstudio
Dallas did vocals, played a bass, a guitar, and these synths: arp odyssey, sci prophet 600 (gli gli), roland sh101, roland sh09, korg polysix, sci pro one, roland promars, sci multitrak, roland juno 106, roland juno 6, oberheim matrix 1000, analogue solutions semblance, siel cruise, korg m1, akai s900, akai ax60, moog rogue, moog prodigy, korg ms20 mini, novation bass station 2, roland hs60, roland mks70, yamaha dx7, yamaha sk30, korg dvp1, oberheim matrix 6, yamaha sy20, doepfer dark energy, doepfer dark time, various modular stuff


released May 4, 2014

artwork by Geoff Hoskinson vimeo.com/ghoskinson



all rights reserved


Freezeyourbrain Wheeling, West Virginia

music with synths and stuff

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